Saturday, November 21, 2009

Oilfield Jobs - Useful Tips and Advice

If you are an adventurous person looking for a good job that is challenging and rewarding, then you should seriously consider oilfield work. While it is true that the oil rig jobs and jobs are the same test rig and can even be dangerous at times, rigging companies for whom you would be working make sure that life on board the rig is very nice. The place where you stay for oil field work is like a really nice hotel, food is great, and there hospitality, and good people to work with. While you're in the rig, everything is basically so you paid for does not have any?? No cost. The only downside is you can not go very far because the ocean around it.

Friday, November 20, 2009

What's So Good About Oil Field Employment?

The oilfield jobs pay well, with many perks and benefits. Is it any wonder that remains in high demand for job seekers? The only other industries that pay well are playing today and snuff industries. After the dot com bubbles burst, is no longer in the picture, while waxes of finance and the economy declines. But why should you look for oil field work? What's so great about him?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Four Main Problems With Oil Field Employment

What you think when you hear about oil field jobs? Is the high pay and bonuses? "The opportunities for travel? What you have to work only for half of the year? But before you jump in the deep end with both feet, you should remember that there is no free lunch. Here are four big problems with oil field work.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oil Field Employment - Do You Make These 3 Mistakes When Looking For an Oil Field Job?

In a troubled economy, even experienced workers have difficulty find employment in the oilfield. But if you keep your eyes open, there is always someone you know who does not have any?? No problem getting used to oil field work. Have you ever wondered what their secret? Was it just plain dumb luck? Or was it because he has a tongue easier? Did he perhaps know the right people, or born into the right family? "However, what if you could do that he tells his secrets to find jobs in oil field? He would probably say that he does not incur these three mistakes. Three mistakes that 80% of job seekers make, sabotaging their chances of getting employed.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oilfield Job - A Mudlogger's Career Advancement to Data Engineer and Beyond

The oil and the oil industry is desperately looking for workers at all levels. He would prefer experienced workers, but necessity knows no law - many of its most experienced staff are reaching retirement age in coming years and need those skills transferred before it is too late. Besides pawns, a mudlogger is another oil field work entry level which leads to better things. Many titles in the oil rigs as mudloggers started.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Oil Field Jobs - What Are Working Conditions Like On The Oil Field?

The oil field jobs form their own place in the oil and the oil industry. For example, your job responsibilities, workload and scope are very different from work in an oil trading company. Its closest relative would work offshore rig. However, a pawn in an oil field will have different ways of doing your job, compared to a pawn in an offshore oil platform. In fact, a pawn in an oilfield in Alaska will also work differently than a pawn in an oil field in Saudi Arabia.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jobs in Oil Field - What Are the Top Paying Jobs Today?

On 26 August 2008, CNN Money reported that the oil drilling are scrambling for workers. Too many years of under-investment in oil rigs and workers alike, coupled with the surge in oil prices over the last few years have led to major shortages of experienced workers in oil fields at all levels. Noble Corporation, one of the largest companies drilling offshore in the world, has 1500 rig job openings in the next 2 years for his 5 new oil rigs. Every oil company is rolling out new oil rigs all over the Gulf of Mexico and Brazil's deep water off the coast of Africa and Saudi Arabia to meet growing demand for oil today.