Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oil Field Employment - Do You Make These 3 Mistakes When Looking For an Oil Field Job?

In a troubled economy, even experienced workers have difficulty find employment in the oilfield. But if you keep your eyes open, there is always someone you know who does not have any?? No problem getting used to oil field work. Have you ever wondered what their secret? Was it just plain dumb luck? Or was it because he has a tongue easier? Did he perhaps know the right people, or born into the right family? "However, what if you could do that he tells his secrets to find jobs in oil field? He would probably say that he does not incur these three mistakes. Three mistakes that 80% of job seekers make, sabotaging their chances of getting employed.

1. The 80% of people looking for oil field work was done only by this

How do you look for oil field work?

    * Do you submit your resume to job boards online free as a monster?
    * Do you submit your resume to recruitment agencies and their local employment board?
    * Are you looking for job advertisements in the newspaper?
    * Do you visit the Web site of the large oil companies like Shell and Halliburton to search for job openings Oil Field?

There is nothing wrong with doing all that, but if that's all you do, then you will get exactly the same results that 80% of other job seekers. "Almost everyone does these same things, then stop and sit on their hands, turning his thumbs, waiting and wondering why nobody is calling for interviews?

, But feels that the lazy man's way. While that works when the economy is roaring, it works when the economy is limping around. You have to be more dynamic, and walk the extra mile to seek employment in the oilfield.

2. Most people looking for oil field work is not to spend money

Some people are just too cheap, while others are too afraid of scams. Can not write a good letter resume and cover not want to pay $ 50 to get it written for them, and then wonder why nobody ever called for an interview. This is especially stupid when they have no experience. A pawn with 20 years experience in the oilfield can just slap down of the 5 main things he did in his curriculum vitae, and still gets a call for an interview with a resume even ugly. But if you have ZERO experience, you should spend a little time and money to look good.

There are people who want to work hard to seek employment in the oilfield. They spend hours every day, looking Web site of the oil company and sending their resumes to the email address the human resource department. There are two problems with that:

    * Many companies do not list your email on the time. If you submit a job application someone?? No other email, your resume will just get trashed automatically
    * Many smaller companies do not even have a website. Unfortunately for you, many large oil companies outsource these small oil drilling contractors, oilfield service, which means that small contractors are the main patterns.

The solution is simply to recruit specialist companies that send your resume to hundreds of oil companies at a time. Most of them charge around $ 100, and some are good, while there are another. You just have to ask around and take a risk.

3. Many jobs in oilfield Locals prefer to use

Many job seekers just want to move to town after they get used for oil field work. But if you are not a local, you will have trouble finding a cheap place to stay in news briefs. Know the patterns, which is one reason he prefers to employ locals. They do not like giving someone a job out of town, only to have him say "Oops! I can not find a place to stay. Go! "

Basically, you need to reach a local community committee and find a place to stay long term. Then you become a better chance of getting employed.

If you have trouble getting jobs in the oilfield, is probably because you've been indulging in the three errors above. Do what everyone does, and you'll get exactly the same results - that is not any?? N oil field work.