Saturday, November 21, 2009

Oilfield Jobs - Useful Tips and Advice

If you are an adventurous person looking for a good job that is challenging and rewarding, then you should seriously consider oilfield work. While it is true that the oil rig jobs and jobs are the same test rig and can even be dangerous at times, rigging companies for whom you would be working make sure that life on board the rig is very nice. The place where you stay for oil field work is like a really nice hotel, food is great, and there hospitality, and good people to work with. While you're in the rig, everything is basically so you paid for does not have any?? No cost. The only downside is you can not go very far because the ocean around it.

Entry level Positions

Oilfield jobs include a variety of different jobs required to get the oil out from deep beneath the ocean floor. More positions are all it takes to manage and maintain what is essentially a floating city. The normal route is to start with an entry level position as a bully or call pawn as workers in the deck of the drill. These positions pay about $ 300 per day.

A normal schedule would work 14 days straight rigging, then has 21 days off. His annual salary would be resolved so to be $ 40,000 to $ 50,000 per year. This is quite exceptional for an entry level position. The reason that the work of the oil rig and rig jobs paid so well is that you must be willing to be away from friends and family for weeks at a time and work hard with few breaks while you're in the rig .

Travel opportunities

If this kind of intense work schedule with plenty of time off to compensate for prayers to you, then work the oil field is something you should consider. There are also lots of opportunities to travel as there are oil rigs worldwide. And companies will pay all travel expenses. There are lots of skilled workers needed in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Venezuela, Mexico, Norway, Russia, China, Canada, and of course in the United States.

The right attitude

Working the oil rig jobs and work rigging takes the right attitude because you have to be working well with a team of people who spend much time together. You will work and eat and sleep around the same people so you must be able to get along. Relations between workers are especially important because you rely on each other to safety. Everyone must do their job and do it carefully to avoid accidents. The size and energy of the equipment involved makes it critical for all oil field work.

Most people in the tackle with which you work has a great attitude about it because it's a great job. The work is exciting, after working hard for a few weeks you go home with a pocket full of money. Experienced workers are always in demand and are paid quite well. This is because companies value their experience and want to save. This is another reason that oil field jobs make great careers.