Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oilfield Equipment - Oil Pump Jacks

An oil well is usually 5 to 36 inches (127.0 mm to 914.4 mm) in diameter. It was created with a drill bit that is tied to a column of survey and take the land from a drilling platform. After the drill the hole, the sections of steel pipe known as casing are slightly smaller than the perforation to provide a ring to cement is placed in the hole. Drilling new well is given by the structural integrity of the deck and use the pipe. High pressure areas are isolated from one to the cover and minimizing potentially dangerous situations.

With the integrity of the hole protected by the casing and pressure zones safely isolated, the well can be drilled deeper using a bit smaller and the hole can box with a smaller sized cover. The modern day wells are between two and five systems of smaller holes drilled into the hole before, each cemented with the cover.

The drilling of the well requires:

The sheer weight of the drilling column and necklaces break up the ground while digging the drill bit down. It lubricates the drill bit cool and kept taking soundings fluid pumped down the drill pipe. The rock cuttings generated by the drill bit are carried back to the surface by the drilling fluid. Is reused for drilling fluid after the rock fragments have been filtered out. The observation for abnormalities in cutting back the volume of liquid and back are essential to catch "kicks" (when the pressure below the bit is more than that above, causing gas and mud up uncontrollably) early. It stretches the spine of the pipe or probe which is attached to the bit slowly as the well gets deeper by screwing in several 30-foot (10 m) joints of pipe at the surface. Generally, joints are combined into 3 joints that equal 1 support. Some smaller rigs only use 2 joints and newer rigs can handle media of 4 joints.

The drilling platforms can be large or small pieces and portable oil field equipment for the use of mineral exploration drilling of wells for water and environmental research.